Our House

Our House makes it easy to connect with your housemates. It is a social network iOS app & web platform that helps you to easier communicate with your housemates, by leaving messages about activities invitation, tasks & notifications online in advance. Your can also easily send payments like rent or electric bill using the built-in Venmo feature.

Tech Used


Web browser and iOS 8

Front End

Ionic, AngularJS, HTML5, CSS3, Javascript, jQuery

Back End

Ruby on Rails, PostgreSQL, Auth0, Google+ API, Venmo API


We built a web and an iOS application for our Our House project. Both of them achieved the same functionalities:

After user logging in via Google+, user can create a new house or enter an existed house.

On the main dashboard, user can view all kind of messages including tasks, notifications, and activitiy invitations. Unread messages will be marked, and user can also filter a specific type of message as well as respond to or delete individual messages.

User can easily send different kind of messages to all the other housemates on the Message tab.

User can also send payments like rent, electric bill, and grocery cost on the Payment tab by connecting to Venmo.

Finally, user can view all the housemate profiles on the Profile tab. A message histroy dashboard can be opened by clicking the profile picture.



Anthony Ng
Charles Kim
Joseph Won
Brian Vogelgesang
Ali Esmalli